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    Believe in the flower art training

    On the way of life of wonderful provide a showcase for you,Different character,Different age,Different aspirations,With different ideal,In the youth romantic season,Step into a sea of flowers,More can show your elegant demeanour。Advocating flower art in this full of hope in the vast space,How many storms of experience,How many years away,Still stands in the center of the bustling city,Not only is supported with money,In the scene...

    Advocating flower art vocational skills training,Way for your business
    • Fuyang advocating floral training advanced business class
    • Web celebrity style of flower weibo hot style
    • Fuyang advocating flower art:The choose and buy flower arrangement
    • What birthday flowers?What taboos?
    About the advocation
    Advocating floral training belongs to the anhui advocate flower art co., LTD。Advocate flower art co., LTD. Is located in hefei in anhui yao sea near wanda plaza,Away from the railway station,The bus only10Minutes.The transportation is convenient. The teachers strength. Can recommend jobs for students free of charge.Anhui advocate flower art co., LTD. Do you flowers management guidance,Is your step towards a beautiful success,Spread its wings in horticulture is made a splendid。We always adhere to the success of the students,Is the pride of anhui advocate flower art co., LTD。Company is mainly engaged in:Open a flower shop training,Flower arranging training,Flower basket production training,Wedding planning、Wedding dress up float training,Flowers make training,The simulation training,Hotel with flowers production training,Professional flower shop open class,Amateur courses,From the store location to marketing,Including the late restocked,How to choose goods,...[In more detail]
    Flower art   The balloon  Students show
    • Flower basket production training
    • Open a flower shop training
    • Professional flower shop open class
    • Small animals basket production training
    • Flower basket production training
    • Flowers for the wedding party scene
    Increases with the increasing to learn,Step-by-step instruction
    More and more>>Common problems
    In September the courtyard to the management of planted flowers

    Courtyard planting flowers management A、Transplanting9In the temperature is still high,Is not a special case of need,Generally does not to flowers and trees in the courtyard...[In more detail]

    Air conditioning environment should have four kinds of aram

    A lot of home or office is closed doors and Windows open air conditioning,Indoor air quality,If you want to maintain indoor air fresh,You might as well keep raising...[In more detail]

    Chinese flowering apple daily maintenance

    Sit haitang and vertical silk hitom for apple flowers and trees,Quince、Papaya haitang is papaya belongs to the flowers and trees,Before the two xi moist,Also calls for plant...[In more detail]

    How do the green bear support~

    How do the green bear support(Experience) Started from the beheading,Generally choose healthy fat cutting branches,Don't have to moderate growth of weak branches,Grow out...[In more detail]

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